Councilman Ian Lovejoy

YOUR City Counilman

Manassas, Virginia

Good Neighbor Initiative

Dear Neighbor,

I, like you, care deeply about our city and its neighborhoods.  After all, our city is only as strong as the neighborhoods that comprise it.  As the former Vice President of one of our City’s largest HOAs and as a member of the City Council, I know the challenges our home owners are facing every day.  Neighboring blight, maintenance issues, noise violations and overcrowding are just a few of the issues that impact the peaceful enjoyment of our homes, cause property values to drop and lower community morale.  I hope you’ll join me in working to make a difference on these quality of life issues in our city.  The time for action is now!

Do Your Part

Be a good neighbor, maintain your property and follow the rules.  Have a neighbor who needs a little help?  Offer to assist.!

 Get Help

If you are a landlord, tenant or resident who needs help understanding or complying with city ordinances, contact the city.

 Get Involved at

Reporting Issues/Concerns

Zoning Issues:  703-257-8278

Blight/Graffiti: 703-257-8424

Overcrowding: 703-257-8424

Road/Sidewalk issues: 703-257-8378

Police non-emergency: 703-257-8000

Animal control: 703-257-8009

Fire Marshal: 703-257-8455

Parking Enforcement: 703-257-8198