Councilman Ian Lovejoy

YOUR City Counilman

Manassas, Virginia

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government.”

Thomas Jefferson

"I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts."

President Ronald Reagan

Ian Lovejoy- Your Councilman

First a story

This is the page of the such websites where I'm supposed to convince you I am worthy of public office by walking you through my life and experience.  That's coming, don't worry.  In fact you can scroll down if you want to skip directly to that part.  I'd prefer to go the unorthodox route of sharing a story with you first.  A true story that inspires me, that I hope inspires you and always helps keep me grounded on what really matters.

The road that led me to public service started when someone chose to spray-paint graffiti on my wall.  I had just purchased my house so as you would imagine this was upsetting.  However, a few days later a gentleman and his son knocked on my door.  They were from a local church doing community cleanup and offered to remove the graffiti.  In just a few short days I had seen two very different sides of our community.  The side with problems and the side with engaged citizens working to solve those problems.  The man and his son were not sent by the government nor were they part of some costly program—they were just good people looking to do good. This inspired me to get involved in my community through neighborhood watch, my HOA and volunteering.  Later, with the encouragement of friends and family, I ran to represent you on City Council.

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As a young professional

Ian was born to a working class family in rural Appalachia where he learned the values of family, hard work, faith and community.  His grandmother made him go to church every Sunday, which he is endlessly grateful for to this day.  Ian knows the struggles many Virginia families face making ends meet while trying to build a better future for their children- Ian witnessed these struggles and sacrifices first hand as a child.   Ian  became one of the first members of his family to attended college, Concord University, where he graduated summa cum laude.  Ian spent summers working as a camp counselor and youth mentor, invaluable experiences that helped shape his life forever.  Ian worked hard in school and became Concord University's first Rhodes Scholar Nominee.  He later graduated from Virginia Tech Graduate School (go hokies!), ultimately teaching at Radford University before entering the private sector.

As a business leader

While possessing a background in research and data analysis, Ian served in positions of organizational leadership for over a decade.  Ian served for five years as Director of Operations of WSR Solutions, a leading national medical equipment company, serving the equipment needs of thousands of clients across America and employing over 1000 technicians throughout the United States.  Ian later managed one of our region's leading home care companies and one of Manassas' largest employers with over 275 employees before becoming a full time realtor.

In the community

Ian knows that individual citizens working together make a community strong-- not the government.  Trying to practice what he preaches, Ian has served the community in many non-governmental roles including as President of the Manassas City Public Schools Education Foundation, as a volunteer for Historic Manassas, Inc., as Vice President of the Point of Woods HOA and currently as Chairman of the Tri-County Walk to End Alzheimer's, in honor of his Grandfather, Clennie Lovejoy.

Ian was recently named one of Northern Virginia's "40 under 40", recognized as one of the most "influential people in their professional industries and catalysts of community impact."

Current and Former* Council Responsibilities:

Chairman, Personnel Committee*

Legislative Committee*

Chairman, Economic/Community Development & Land Use Committee

Manassas City Utility Commission*
Manassas Regional Airport Commission

Historic Resources Board*

Prince William Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee

Organizational Memberships and Professional Experience (current and former*):

Walk Committee Chairman, Tri-County Walk to End Alzheimer's*
Director, HISC Gives Back 2015 Philanthropy Program*
Member, Board of Directors, Caton Merchant House
Director of Operations, Home Instead Senior Care*
President, Manassas City Public Schools Education Foundation*
Board Member, City of Manassas Family Services*
Attend, Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Member, Manassas Republican Committee
Member, Friends of SERVE
Vice President, Point of Woods HOA (680 homes)*
Member, Americans for Prosperity
Instructor, Radford University*
Director of Operations, WSR Solutions*
Member, Prince William Chamber of Commerce
Ambassador, Prince William Chamber of Commerce*
Mentor, Virginia Tech Upward Bound*
Member, Member, Architectural Review Board*