What is 100 Ways in 100 days?

In short, 100 Ways in 100 days is an "idea-raiser".  Rather than raising money, our goal is to solicit ideas from the Manassas community on how to better the city.  As the name implies, the ultimate end-game is to come up with 100 small, cost effective, and implementable ideas that collectively have a big impact- all within approximately 100 days.

Together, let's foster ideas that innovate city governance.

Have a thought to share? Have you seen an idea in another city and thought "let's try that here"?  Now's your chance to share.

The Rules

1. Your idea can't simply be a complaint!  It has to be a concrete, implementable idea, enhancement or solution to a current issue.

2. Please, only Manassas City residents/business owners should submit (we're keeping this one "in the family")

3. Be patient.  Not every idea will be implementable and those that are could take time.

4. Cost always matters, so please include your "best guess" as to how much you think your idea might cost to implement.

Councilman Ian Lovejoy

YOUR City Counilman

Manassas, Virginia